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Badi Choti Deg Dargah Ajmer Sharif BIG CAULDRON (DEG) & SMALL CAULDRON (DEG) Niyaz of Khwaja Garib Nawaz Darbar: Ajmer Khawaja Garib Nawaz Deg Mannat Price 1,50,000

Ajmer sharif khawaja garib nawaz deg booking you can now book your deg online. Ajmer online deg book Ajmer sharif deg booking Mannat deg ajmer Mannat ki deg booking ajmer sharif. Contact- 91 8000956411 These are being provided for cooking sweet Rice only. 

Badi Deg Ajmer Sharif Dargah Big Cauldron - offered by the emperor Akbar, 120 mound 4500 kg capacity of preparing 'sweet rice with 'Ghee', Sugar, Rice & all Dry fruits. (Indian Ruppes 1,50,000 rs )

Ajmer Mannati Choti Deg Small Cauldron is offered by the emperor Jahangir. 60 mound 2400 kg capacity of preparing 'sweet rice only, preparation is same as above. Indian Rupees 75,000

For your kind information I would like to say that the cost of preparing the big-deg is Indian Rupees 1,50,000/- and the small deg is Indian Rupees-75,000/-. In this niyaz, if one persons contribute $50 or $100 each then Inshahallah. jointly this deg can be prepared you can present your selves to join or can send the Hadiya from there through Bank draft by registered post to me. Inshahallah, it will be utilized in this niyaz (Chishtiya langar bhandara) on behalf of you by which your 'Hazri' also will be accepted. Any one can make this Deg of Darbar any time.If you want to cook Deg then don't waist Time. Note: Here are the photographs of the Degs (preparing Niyaz and its distribution) Call +91 8000956411 Mannati Deg Booking

Ajmer Sharif Dargah Mannat of Khwaja ji Garib Nawaz Ajmer Sharif Mannat wish Rajasthan, India
The main gate to the shrine is the Nizam Gate, following which is Shahjahani Gate which was erected by Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. It is followed by Buland Darwaza, upon which the Urs flag is hoisted,marking the beginning of the festival.
The shrine had become one of the most important centers for the diffusion of composite culture that had struck deep roots in the psyche of both the Hindus and Muslim. Thus the result of the long association of the Hindus with the shrine can be assessed from the customs at the Dargah by the Muslims and Hindus alike. For example putting Lachcha (red and yellow threads) around the neck or hand of the devotees, pasting of sandal at mazar and tying of threads at shrine as a mark of vows (mannat), cracking of coconuts at the door steps of Dargah, and the lighting ceremony at dust etc are symbolic of the emerging of composite culture.

Devotees of Khwaja Sahib can makes a vow (Mannat) that he will perform the Ziarat (Pilgrimage) of Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Ajmeri . If a person makes a vow Mannat that he would send some amount of money on the Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Ajmer, or the descendants of the Khwaja Sahib, without having any particular project in mind, he should spend it on the repairs, lighting, Langer, Chader, Flowers, well-fair of Dargah etc. of the shrine.

Firstly a Devotee makes a vow and when his vow (Mannat) is fulfilled he makes the offerings Nazr-O-Niyaz.

At any Dargah particularly at Ajmer .The nature and purpose of offerings apart from what has been said earlier is, with some modification as under:


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The World's Most Famous 811 th Urs Mubarak Beginning 18/ jan / 2023 to 2 feb / 2023 Urs Festival Ajmer Sharif Dargah in Rajasthan India Darbar Khwaja Baba (r.a) Flag Ceremony 18/ jan / 2023 Urs Begins 24/ jan / 2023 Jannati Darwaza will open 24/ jan / 2023 Jannati darwaza will be closed 29 / jan / 2023  Chhati Sharif (Annual Fateha) Jannati Darwaza will be closed or 29/ jan / 2023 Urs Namaz-E-Jumma 27 / jan / 2023 Urs Bara Qul 1 / feb / 2023   

Duago All Devotees Chief Moallim Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Hasan Chishty(R.A.) Khas Gaddi-Nashin
Syed Haider Nawaz Chishty S/O HAJI M. Shah Syed Shah Nawaz Chishty
CHISHTY MANZIL (ZIA HOUSE) P.O.BOX 109,Dargah Ajmer Sharif,
{Raj} (INDIA) Pin Code:305001

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